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Twin Goddess by Saerina (print image)


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Artist's Statement

A Claymore ( by Norihiro Yagi (c) ) wallpaper.

I like a lot this manga, the story isn't banal and the author's way to draw is awesome! I never seen so beautiful monsters. :D I think is worth to read it! ;]
-- End of personal point of view! :D --

I wanted to create something with ♥ THIS ♥ beautiful scan of Teresa and Claire that represents the staute of the two divinity of love.
Actually, Teresa is one of my favourite Claymore. :]

Also I've partially colored ♥ THIS ♥ scan, to emphasize the most visible features of a Claymore: their glacial eyes, blonde hair and their own symbol (on the sword in this pic).

In the end I decided to add ♥ THIS ♥ scan, concerning young Claire's words for Teresa:
"Your eyes are like mine. You looked so sad, so hurt, so lonely... as if you couldn't stand it. So... so I..."
quoted in the paper above.

Used also some paper scans to fill this collage.

Enjoy! ♥

Paper Scan (on the left brown and green) by Shizoo
Dirty Texture by :iconshedyourskin:

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