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Animal Square by Artgerm (print image)


All rolled Fine Art Paper Prints ship with an additional 1.5" bright white border. learn more. Gallery framed Fine Art Prints ship with an additional 2" bright white border. All Gallery Wrapped Prints ship with an additional 1" bright white wrapped border. View Original

Artist's Statement

Animal Square is my personal street label founded by myself and my girlfriend. The product range includes t-shirts, tote bags, badges....and probably softtoys in the near future. Just wanna share with you guys on something a little different from my collection in the gallery. Hope you like them!

The Introduction:

Wandering in the wild, these animals had been left out of their own by their herds. Left out for being unable to fit in. Discovering each other, they banded together and built a special place of their own. A place where they can be who they are. Each different and unique but always having a place in Animal Square.

you can find out more about the animals here: [link]

**Characters and designs done in Freehand.

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