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the first snow by trenchmaker (print image)


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Artist's Statement

umpf... I wanted to submit the illustration for the advent calendar but I think I will do a new one on Canvas.. thereīs still some time left and well... one more pic is possible this year.

oh my... so many cats O_o ... Kiki and her siblings are enjoying the first snow. I am envious. Here in Germany itīs still 14° (and itīs december!! ). No snow in sight.

btw... The blue cat (her brother) actually HAS a tail but itīs stuffed inside the clothes. Heīs a bit younger than kiki and has no clue of those complicated things like winter clothes. :boogie:


and yes, I *had* to do some clouds (although a friend said I should try something else but I love those curly things too much)... sorry for it, my pis are doooommmed

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