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Hanging Stockings - Wallpaper by Tooshtoosh (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Hey all.
I managed to finish this piece in time for children illustrator monthly December theme - Xmas elves.

anyways, I decided that I'll try to make most of the deviations I make for children illustrator club into a wallpaper for you guys.

So theres 3 resolutions:
Use the download button for the zip file - but it will only work from my original page, so if you're looking at it from :iconchildrensillustrator: - go to the original piece...

It's weird I'm not celebrating Xmas at all and I already made two pieces for Xmas :]
It's seems like a fun holiday though, and it's fun to draw...

What ever religion you're at, hope you guys having fun!

Thanks for all your compliments that I can't seem to reach and answer !!!

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