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Dream Catcher by Dianae (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Hi artists! :)

This painting has no particular meaning, I had just started doing a hair painting tutorial (you can see it here :… ) then I've finished the sketch I had done...
Nothing special ;)

Please note that it's a quickie compared to my other works so it may look a little bit rushed (I've spent 7 hours on it).

No refs used, I've had a hard time figuring the hand... it still looks off but since it's not something I had planned to paint nicely, I don't really care :)

C&C are very welcome!
The tutorial can be viewed here so you can see how different is the final image…


It didn't look good so I've spent some more time working on it so it's now a "finished" painting (at least more refined than the previous version)

I hope you"ll like it :)

Details can be seen here :…