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Taurus eye by ftourini (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Taurus eye is the last sign of my zodiac eye series, see all of them here:… :flirty:

Photo/ makeup/photomanip: ftourini
model: me and a bit of marriana :lol:

This is no stock!!!! :spank:
for cool stock eyes and my eye tutorials look at my resources folder here:…
and at my stock account : :iconftourini-stock:

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus (so i added a hint of pink on the skin around the eyelids)
for taurus, green is an important color, symbolizing earth.:dance:
Birthstones-:Sapphire; Emerald; Diamond

LIKES Stability
* Being Attracted
* Things Natural
* Time to Ponder
* Comfort and Pleasure

* DISLIKES Disruption
* Being pushed too hard
* Synthetic or "man made" things
* Being rushed
* Being indoors

I wanted a peaceful yet charming look for this eye

not much effects and technical stuff on it!

The peacock feathers on the bottom where actually on the photo and the white mascara is made of tempera :D

The manip was mainly on the iris and color enhancement

within the week i will post the zodiac eyes CALENDAR :D :blowkiss:

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