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RGB Girls by DigiAvalon (print image)


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Artist's Statement


>< took wayyyyyy longer then it should have due to no time to finish. In the end I am burnt out so not sure if I am super happy or not, there are parts I really like and others I just couldn't get right ><

Any who everyone else has there own team of super hot girl heroes on TV so these are mine, so sue me for wanting my own super colorful and sparkly girl group. I had name for them… I totally forgot them, but RGB girls is © me, and if you didn’t know my Character white Rose is there enemy “I think I mentioned she was going to be a villain for something”, I figured it fit, so hopefully I will have some more artwork of these guys at some point though I want to try drawing them maybe in different styles and outfits next time for fun, I was thinking kimonos ^^

Anyways on to some more work, comment and favs loved!

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