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Sagittarius eye by ftourini (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Saggitarius eye is the eighth sign of my zodiac eye series, see all of them here:… :flirty:

Photo/ makeup/photomanip: ftourini
model: me :lol:

This is no stock!!!! :spank:

for cool stock eyes and my eye tutorials look at my resources folder here:…
and at my stock account : :iconftourini-stock:

Saggitarius sign or so called "archers" have Fire as their element.
It can be likened to the stars, a thousand lighted candles, the sparks rising from a rapidly spreading grass fire, or the reflectors making the route along the center of a major road.
Fire changes substances and Sagittarians have a knack of transforming negative situations with their optimism.

Colors are: blue-purple, and i also used the vivid golden and red to resemble the fire bursting out of their strong personality!!:D

i hope you like the little arrows in the eyelashes :giggle: :flirty:

i am now looking for suggestions on the next eyes of the zodiac series: taurus and capricorn

Please tell me your suggestions on colors and ornaments they are very important to me!! :poke:

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