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Heartless..... by msog (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Hey, yes I know this has been done a hundred times before on dA, but I just wanted to give it a go and here is my interpretation of a well known concept.



Added: 06-10-2006

Wow, thankyou one and all, I am totally overwhelmed by the response to this 5000, :+fav: and 38,000 views in 36 hours!
I wanted to write a response to all your comments and favs but this is just unrealisetic to do individually so thankyou all for your kind words and support.

As I said in the original description, this concept is an old one, I have seen it in non-descript books before and with red filters. We were talking about lighting and depth of field in my photography course I have started so I thought what the heck and had a go at this. I was presently suprised and proud of the results so I put them on my humble gallery (490 PV and 9 watchers). Next morning I had 2,300 favs and this has since increased to where we are now so thankyou for the support. Personally I think the reason for its success was two fold, the lack of peoples knowledge of the concept (that a heart could be made from a circular object) and the interpretations people have drawn from it.

Comments include:
- Wow I didn\\\'t know that would happen
- I love how you have placed it next to heartless in the dictionary
- Omg, wow! That\\\'s oddly deep for something so simple...
- so boring. you\\\'ve done nothing different here at all
- Makes me think of divorce, or infedelity...
- I thought it was a wedding band in a bible at first glance. Come to find out it\\\'s next to the definition of heartless. Seems like an appropriate photo to share with my ex-fiance
- I think it\\\'s beautiful but it also seems very sad to me. ;; Heartless...
- It\\\'s so simple but yet so complex. congratulations
- I like how the shadow of the ring forms the heart and the line on the book divides it. it\\\'s somewhat haunting.... it shows the feeling of loss and dissapointment of a break-up.
- The use of a ring, like a wedding ring is so thoughtful. You assume it\\\'s romantic until you read the book text, nice twist
- In terms of originality, your usage of the particular definitions is admirable, but misleading in terms of the composition; there is a HUGE juxtaoposition between the symbolic \\\"endless love\\\" that is represented by a ring, but, as I know...a ring is just a ring, not love.
- Ring representing the union of love and creating a heart next to the definition of hearltess gives me the impression that someone was dumped by someone they love and calling him or her hearless for doing it. It just makes me think of the conflicting feelings after a breakup that the two parties feel, one heartless and cold the other loving and betrayed. I think the owner of the ring was the one that was dumped and their ring shows how they still feel about the other person, but at the same time is bitter shown by looking up hearless to describe how they think the other person is. Very powerful!

Heh, I\\\'ll leave to to your own interpretations, I only take the pics ;)
Hope you all enjoy, and that those of you that don\\\'t can understand I haven\\\'t ripped this off someone else, I know about the diff variations and attempted something different (to my mind anyway)

Take care

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