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Metropolis by precurser (print image)


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Artist's Statement

METROPOLIS is quite possibly one of my most ambitious pieces of art to date. The thing that makes this particular work stand out in my mind is because I knew very little about the Fritz Lang movie, yet somehow managed to work so many prominent elements from it into my piece without any knowledge of them.

After completing METROPOLIS I immediately added the movie to my Netflix queue so I wouldn't feel like an idiot for releasing something that shares the title of a very famous film. I am glad I did, while it was quite difficult to follow the movie at certain parts (that's what friends are for!) I did manage to grasp the basics and really enjoyed viewing this amazing work of art. To think it was made in 1927 just boggles my mind. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you have 2 hours to spare!

As with all of my work, you can download the standard and widescreen desktop wallpaper at my site.

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