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2009 Big Eyed Doll Calendar by futurowoman (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Looking at You!
2009 Big Eyed Doll Polaroid Calendar
by Futurowoman!

Here is my 2008 Big Eyed Dolls Polaroid Calendar, revised for 2009! It features a year's worth of super-fun Blythe, Susie Sad Eyes, and Peteena Dolls!

Here are the photos featured:
January: "An Early Winter"…
February: "Alone, Together"…
March: "Who, Me?"…
April: "Peteena"…
May: "Amelie starring Blythe"…
June: "Pigtails"…
July: "I Wear My Heart on My Sleeve"…
August: "Cash Up Front"…
September: "Vespa"…
October: "Here You Go..."…
November: "Bathed in Autumnal Light"…
December: "Three Wishes"…

all dolls and fashions are credited on the back cover.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2007 Nancy L. Stockdale

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