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Itadakimasu by elsevilla (print image)


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Artist's Statement

This was going to be the kiriban for the 2,400000 hitz.

But like it so much that it deserved a title.

This is for the people that encourage me to keep on the digital thing, that supported my Selfish desire to learn something new, and the ones that didnt unwatch me or told me to return to pencils, this is for you people.

Thanxs for pushing me all this years to move foward, you are the thigns that make dreams happens, Muchas gracias.

Okay she is a Blackwidow soulcubus, wanted to show, a drawing that trapped you and couldnt let your eye escape from her, also motion and details. First time i try a finished piece in photoshop without starting in grayscale, this started in colors, no ainter all in Photoshop.

Oh yeah her name is Ana Lucia.

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