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The Gatebreaker by aelice (print image)


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Artist's Statement

A piece of conceptual art from The Silhouette Project.

Race: Gatebreaker
Class: Hierarchy
The Gatebreaker is a race that evolved after the gateway disaster between the three realms. Though their name implies it, they cant corrupt the gates the Gatekeepers left behind, but they –can- use them. Gatebreakers are used to break the gates/arcs that rest within angels. The arc of flesh, spirit/weapon, or soul. Most often, when members of the Hierarchy are exiled to the subrealm where the Fallen are sent, Gatebreakers are summoned to shatter their spirit gate, leaving the angel’s spiritual strength blocked. Though most Gatebreakers are hired to safely escort the Fallen, some of the powerful Trance angels request their services to numb their own extraordinary god-like spiritual strength before drives them to insanity.

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