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time of death: very soon by suzi9mm (print image)


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Artist's Statement

i saw a photo with hands tied the other day, and that inspired be and finally resulted this.

i normally post pictures in smaller size but i want you to see a detail in this one...

i carefully planned the draining of the blood from the wound/s, the blood will flow to her backside and follow the hands that lead to the drain...and it is slowed down by the hair. hence there isn't that much blood at the bottom of the bath yet. and just a sidenote, there was water in the tub that makes the blood thin and transparent in places. now how did i know you were gonna complain about that?

before anyone asks; the blood is by Cinema Secrets and i don't personally like it very much. fake bloods can be bought in theatre supply stores and costume shops.

thank you to superkev for the help.

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