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_E N D L E S S  B R E E D by miagida (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Theres no way to descirbe it... this is just a concept that i was working on. Testing new Vector techniques and overall composition basics. I've Always had these "gods" in the back of my head, following me, and haunting me with there stare. There use to be alot of them, but i narrowed them down to five. and now... decided to put it down on good old digital paper.

As the story goes with these "gods"... there home was destroyed and there curse is to wander the sea forever. theres more of these in the series. Hpopefully ill have time to make prints of those too.

Sidenote- I updated this alittle bit from the orginal, mostly to fit the aspect ratios of the prints, and did some minor touchups, to get better quality prints.

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