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My Chemical Romance... again by nell-fallcard (print image)


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Artist's Statement

This is an overwork from a old draw I made a couple of years ago. Is also the most viewed, according to the statistics, and is the only one that still keeps on getting comments and favs, so I've made a print file, in case someone want it hanged on their wall, and as long as the original deviation doesn't allow me to upload the "printable" version in there, I'm submitting again.

So here you have: new version! Now comes on more vivid colors, more contrast and a very annoying watermark in the middle!! :D This one is because I've been told that someone has been selling T-shirts with this image, and I find it quite unfair to work my ass off to get things done for other people to earn money with that, so I'm afraid you'll see that watermark quite often from now on =(


Gente bonita de México y alrededores:

Me han dicho que hay ciertos puestos en Coyoacán vendiendo playeritas con esta imagen (buehhh... con la original). Si algún dia van pasando por ahí y tienen tiempo, vayan y métanle una patada en los eggs al vendedor de mi parte =)
Ahora que si quieren ajerar de un modo más civilizado, vayan, pidan una playerita, digan gracias y llévensela gratis. Si el vendedor los ajera, impriman esta página y digan que yo lo autorizo. Aquí dice que "This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License", por lo que no tiene por qué estar vendiendo mi trabajo. Y ustedes tampoco! Por si les confiscan el lote y luego se organizan un domingo de remate en el chopo les caerá toda mi furia contenida y miren que es bastante Ò_Ó

Quiero agradecer la elaboración del presente discurso al tío Abelardo que me dió el pitazo.

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