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Exodus. lost and running by glittersniffer (print image)


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Artist's Statement

:skullbones: :heart: :skullbones:

This was a drawing I did for myself personally because I haven’t had time to draw for myself in around a month or so.
Yes it’s a geisha like design, but I adore the theme and since working a tattoo studio back in the day the oriental themed images still impress me and inspire me. I like putting my own twist on things.

I also wanted to express my recent feelings and of corse put a bit of myself into the design…
This design is of a geisha dashing through the woods, a bag of poison apples around her forearm,
It represents *to me* some of the issues I have been facing, running from certain truths or facts, a lot of poisonous things have been consumed within my days of late and trying to bring everything down around me.
I can just keep trudging on.
But im aware of the foes that fake as friends.

The shoes, corset, garter and tassel designs are personal touches too; I wanted to put a bit of myself into the design, my tastes and pleasures.

I enjoyed making this.
Further more I do hope this design isn’t too dull, naturally I wouldn’t think so but I’m getting tired of seeing my head bones, flesh tunnels and faces spreading around the place in others art. I do notice these things you know.

Xxxxx tegan

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