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Photomanip Calendar 2015 by kuschelirmel (print image)


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Artist's Statement

This Calendar includes 12 of my photomanips - I hope you\'ll enjoy the selection :aww:

  1. January: <a href=\"…\">Acedia
  2. February: <a href=\"…\">New York Times
  3. March: <a href=\"…\">Meditation
  4. April: <a href=\"…\">Head in the Clouds
  5. May: <a href=\"…\">The Key to Happiness
  6. June: <a href=\"…\">A Change of Perspective
  7. July: <a href=\"…\">Tomam - Goddess of the Birds
  8. August: <a href=\"…\">Samhradh
  9. September: <a href=\"…\">Mercury
  10. October: <a href=\"…\">Break Free
  11. November: <a href=\"…\">Symphony
  12. December: <a href=\"…\">Light as a Feather

Credits can be found on the respective deviations, each of which is available as seperate print. Additional brushes from bb.

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