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Urbanidea by gilad (print image)


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Artist's Statement

You hide your feeling well
You speak only when needed
You look at me only if you must
You only see what you can't ignore

You hit the lights at ten PM every god damn night
You treat TV news and reality shows as your delight
You probably forgot what I look like the day after we met
You don't believe in the concept of having a heart ache

You are all I need to leave behind
You are the poison by my side
You are what's holding me back
You are a tumor in my hey sack

I just had a huge idea
I saw it like light reaching from the dark
I am leaving this wreck of a home with you
I think I can find something better to do...


What is Urbanidea?
It's actually Urban idea. An idea that comes to you just by judging your urban surroundings. Like in my poem, a guy that understands he needs to leave his life based on the metaphor of his wrecked home. The concept may be far fetched but I felt it from the first second I took this shot, so I feel strongly about it.

The shot is taken in Jaffa, Israel.
It wasn't staged or planned, simply found it when exploring the street and places there. I used a filter called "ND grad" filter. It's half tobacco colored ND (Natural Density) fading gradually fading, and half regular. The filter allows 2 more stops of closed aperture in the colored area (it's darker) and by that it allows me not to overexpose the sky above, and also adds the reddish color on top. There is no manipulation or extreme editing (contrast and levels).

I hope you enjoyed this short "trip" through my thoughts.

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