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Dendrophagus Colossus by Edarneor (print image)


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Artist's Statement

The Giant Tree-eating Snails do exactly that – consume large quantities of wood. They are most often encountered roaming the outskirts of towering forests, so as to have enough food, yet not to venture too deep, where trees get too dense for their enormous shell to pass.

No one, of course, dares to attack such a giant, so the first settlers have found it to be a perfectly safe house-on-tracks. The gastropod, of course, hardly ever objects, and it’s still arguable whether it even notices the “neighbors”. Its shell is so thick (obviously, to support its own weight), that it can be easily bored into several meters deep, allowing a spacious and comfortable accommodation for several dozen people per community.

Luckily, the huge beast, due to its sheer size, is constantly forced to conserve energy, so it slumbers peacefully about 20 hours a day, and does not tire its occupants with constant locomotion. In this mode it is possible to safely get off, replenish the supplies, take a walk, picnic, and, as local children simply adore to do, cheerfully poke the creature with a stick.

***The progress steps of this paintings are <a href=\"\">HERE! ***

***UPD: Huge thanks to vowbreaker for featuring this!!! :love:***
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