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Heroes of Tajalan by RalphNiese (print image)


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Artist's Statement

for Alex & his wife Silvia who came up together with this whole universe…

with all these indy toymakers lending stuff from different eras of popculture i'm always tempted to try out myself in yet to me familiar territory but never touched on since i was 14 - so inhaled some courage and the Image Documentary 'The Image Revolution' - - younglings - herein i introduce you to the BAMBOO FRAMING!
Maybe the most popular renderer of frames out of everything was Todd McFarlane on his Spiderman run and Spawn, but also it got used heavily over at Homeage/Wildstorm Studios (Gen 13#5, anyone? or Gen 13 bootleg #3 -  why does all this sapless info come up now in my head?) ANYHOW - the idea is nothing of the 80/90ies, it was used by Art Deco guys in the 19th century as well and here and there in comic history as well.
It's nice cheese on top of your panel pizza. And makes you look like you did have fun drawing your stuff - - which i do have, no shit.

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