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Sky above, Voice within by eroseon (print image)


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Artist's Statement

I spent a very long time on this - I started when I first heard Jeremy Soule's music he made for Skyrim (hence the title). When did that come out? A year ago?
Something like that.
I heard the soundtrack before I actually played the game.

(THANK YOU BETHESDA for providing us with another lovely fantasy hidey-hole where we can escape from reality - at least for a little while xD)

I've always been interested in painting people who look-like-you've-only-just-caught-their-attention.

This is my character Hikari.
She's special to me: probably because she's the one I personally relate to the best? I think everyone should have an OC like that ^_^
She's very quiet. Not many of the others know much about her.

She's on a journey to recover a lost blade. It belonged to her mother who died, but she's not doing this out of some sense of honor or familial duty, she's doing it because this is what is expected of her. She doesn't want anyone to know she doesn't care, or that she feels nothing.

Hikari - The Green Light by eroseonSword Saint by eroseonHer Best Friend by eroseon
These are some older attempts at drawing Hikari.

The Old Days by eroseon
And a very old one! She's been around for a while.


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