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Macha by KerriAnnCrau (print image)


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Artist's Statement

One of three aspects of the Morrigan, goddess of war. Macha feeds on the heads of slain enemies. Was going to add some celtic tattoo work on her face but liked it better this way. Felt by hiding her eyes, it would make her more mysterious and dark. I have many photos of myself in a cloak and though not from the side, used myself as a loose model. Crows because they tie in with the Morrigan and they are one of my favorite animals. Sister of Badb, Morrígan, and possibly of Nemain.As a tripartite goddess of war, Macha was one of the three aspects of the Morrígans. Macha died with her husband in the Second Battle of Mag Tuired (Moytura); they were killed by Balor\'s destructive eye.

She was once known as Macha, the red war-goddess.

7/3 The original was all of 4x5 inches large. This one, totally done over, is 9x13 inches. Next edits will be I see stars and then crow witch.

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