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Peru - Machu Picchu by lux69aeterna (print image)


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Artist's Statement

The Machu Picchu doesn't need much introduction, it is the most famous Inca site of Peru, and maybe the most beautiful place in the Americas. The city is located at 2430m above sea-level, and 400 meters lower, the Urubamba river flows. Machu Picchu is the "old peak" on which the "Lost city of the Inca's" is built, right behind is Huayna Picchu, or the "young peak". It is believed that it was built around 1450, at the height of the Inca empire, as an estate for Inca Pachacuti. Because of the position of the city, related to the sacred landscape, it is believed that it was also a religious site. Most religious sites were in alignment with key astronomical events, as it is the case with Machu Picchu. By 1572 the city was abandoned, as a result of the spanish conquest. As the most sacred buildings were intact, it is logic to assume that the Spanish never found the city. 

For a long time nobody knew about the ruins, except for locals living in the Sacred Valley, until Hiram Bingham rediscovered the city for the National Geographic Society in 1911. He returned several times to Peru and the Machu Picchu to direct the restaurations. Many excavated pieces were taken away to the Yale University, with which the government of Peru has a long standing discussion for retrieving the artefacts. A part has been sent back, but there is still more to come. In 1983, the Unesco declared the Machu Picchu a world heritage site, discribing it as "an absolute masterpiece of architecture and a unique testimony to the Inca civilization". 

Exif: 24mm, 1/40, F11, ISO 50

Nikon D800, Nikkor 24-70mm, B+W UV Filter, Tripod.

Copyright © lux69aeterna. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced or used in any form without my written permission.