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+ Substitute of you + by goku-no-baka (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Im totally LOLIng at the title right now XD

Together with :iconknp: we was thinking how to call that since its only standing character Lol.
Her propositions was:

goku sucks
creation of my longing soul
substitute of your soul (and body*)

And in the end i did a combo and here you go LOLOLOL.

Making complicated titles for simple pictures sure is fun XD

Anyway why sucha emo title~?

After mizumi's deth Rinri created a summon (uh magical creature) which looked like him so he could feel less emo and at least look at smthing what reminded him of his beloved protector <3 *now all USA ppl do AwwwwW* D:<


I used color pencils and markers for first time since like...
1,5 year ? O_O or more? Woah, i sure do suck <3
I try beter next time. It was so spontanious i really didnt plan to make any picture out of it ^^

Ok i stfu nao.

Hope you will like it <3


Color pencils CRAYOLA + 3 letraset markers.

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