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Benny the Beaver Comics #1 by tymime (print image)


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Artist's Statement

You guys remember this?: fav.me/d42dzhh
Well, I finished it.

We're pleased to re-introduce one of our original characters, Benny the Beaver!
He's pretty much your everyman toon, a Mickey Mouse/Porky Pig/Andy Panda type who is nevertheless a hero, happy-go-lucky and musically talented. He also has a girlfriend named Barbera, who's generally chipper, but can be quite a spitfire when riled.
All in all, not too original on paper, but I think my approach to the archetype is distinct and appealing.
Maybe sometime I can upload the story of his animation studio.

Featuring my own original font Bucktooth, coming soon to an online store near you.


Benny the Beaver tymime (seriously, we've got the papers!)

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