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Driver Safety: Cellphone Ban by sethness (print image)


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Artist's Statement

I'm not sure that the shading at top and bottom are an improvement. I did it purely to add visual interest, and to ease viewers' eyes.

I find a white background to be painful. Do you?

This is a commentary on life in Phuket, Thailand, where the police have promised to start enforcing a ban on drivers using handheld cellphones.

I've heard it stated as fact that drivers using cellphones have POORER reaction times than legally drunk drivers. Can anyone provide a link to a news article or medical report which provides confirmation?

Police enforce traffic laws selectively. They do here, anyway. Illegal sidecarts on scooters, stacks of people on one motorbike, and local drivers without helmets, go completely unimpeded while rich-looking tourists are commonly stopped for the same offenses.

I'm getting a little more confident in caricature. The policeman's facial expression is intended to be a lampoon of relaxed sincerity.

I'm also using a bit of… Don Martin -style sound effects. Are they a good fun addition, or a distraction?

As before, there are three small hidden references to "The X Files". can you spot them?

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