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+CALENDAR 2013+ by tincek-marincek (print image)


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Artist's Statement

And this is my first calendar. I collected few works, from commissions, fan arts, personal work... some works inside the calendar are special made so that it fits to format... and you can't find these versions on dA (jet)... some works are extended, so you'll see them in different format.

Front and back cover for the calendar I did in Photoshop CS6 and drawings inside were drawn in Photoshop CS5, CS6, Corel Painter 12, Paint Tool SAI and ZBrush (I didn't use all programs for each drawing... under links below you can see details for each drawing). On the cover is my first version of drawing D U A L I T Y.

You can see preview and order this calendar here.
Here are listed drawings by months:
+ January (mixed picture by many drawings, not on dA) - Worlds Collide, Angela Eanor and characters from +CRYPTIC+ drawing - personal arts... characters by me.
+ February - V E R S U S - fan art... character by SQUARE ENIX CO.
+ March - D U A L I T Y - personal art... character by me.
+ April - + carpe diem + (extended version... not on dA) - personal art... characters by me.
+ May - The Way I Feel - personal art... character by me.
+ June - steampunk forever - art made for Fotolia contest... character by me.
+ July - +demon's soul+ - commission work... character by shingorengeki.
+ August - Cloud Strife - fan art... character by SQUARE ENIX CO.
+ September - R I O T - commission work... character by KyoukiSumeragi.
+ October - + a place we call home + - personal art... characters by me.
+ November - Lying On Red Roses - commission work... character by Quendaline.
+ December - Noctis Lucis Caelum - fan art... character by SQUARE ENIX CO.

I hope you like it and comments are welcome. If you ordered it I hope you'll enjoy it...

Drawings by Valentina Remenar | Characters copyright by me and their respective owners | Copyrighted | 2012 | our official website

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