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Aurora the bringer of the Dawn by RomanticFae (print image)


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Artist's Statement

done for :icondianae:'s gods and goddess's and mythology contest

ok so this has been a labor and i do mean LABOR of love god id hate to know how many hours i spent on this ok so here she is

Aurora - the Bringer of the Dawn

AURORA\EOS was the rosy-fingered goddess of the dawn. She and her siblings Helios (the Sun) and Selene (the Moon) were numbered amongst the second-generation Titan gods. Aurora rose up into the sky from the river Okeanos at the start of each day, and with her rays of light dispersed the mists of night. She was sometimes depicted riding in a golden chariot drawn by winged horses, at other times she was shown borne aloft by her own pair of wings. Aurora had an unquenchable desire for handsome young men, some say as the result of a curse laid upon her by the goddess Aphrodite. Her lovers included Orion, Phaethon, Kephalos and Tithonos, three of which she ravished away to distant lands. The Trojan prince Tithonos became her official consort. When the goddess petitioned Zeus for his immortality, she neglected also to request eternal youth. In time he shrivelled up by old age and transformed into a grasshopper.

i must say a heart felt thank you to all that helped me by giving me idea's on how to improve this i tried to do them all but well to tell the truth if i look at this any more i just might scream :D lol
so thank u so much for all the help and support :hug:

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