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Law of nature by fantasio (print image)


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Artist's Statement

*Print version added*
Very actual topic and another piece for my transgenetic metahuman -series:…

The incident in Japan has once more been a proof that nature has its own law and her very own voice to make us aware of it.

We have to face that we are not in control of any features that helps us to survive future diseases and natural disasters.

Limited and custom framed print available, close up here: Law of nature- framed art by fantasio

Image credits:
Model: licensed from istockphoto
Tree: inspiration from Doktorsblog:
& used with CC-attribution Clinton Steeds…
and my very own resources.

Copyright Notice:
by Oliver Wetter / Fantabulous Visions* 2012
All rights of this gallery are reserved to fantasio / Oliver Wetter and may not be used without my permission. It's not forbidden to use one or more of my work on websites, blogs, etc, BUT its not permitted to submit it anywhere and show it to others, claiming as YOUR work!
Thanks for your appreciation.

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