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malevolence by TheMichaelMacRae (print image)


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Artist's Statement


Let me know if you still want me to send you a print, OR I could send you a high res file of this picture and you could print it out yourself probably at a cheaper cost.

Girl living with her uncle in northern Texas in the late 1880's. Parents disappeared years ago when she was very little. Her stage coach is robbed, horses killed way out in the desert on a long road heading to west to the coast. She and her uncle are left with nothing. They walk for 2 days before her uncle dies of exhaustion. She walks for another day and a half before she passes out. She awakes on the brink of death to find a shadow cast over her. A three headed demon with four arms, four wings and the body of a snake. They tell her that she will be granted the chance to live on and the demons will take possession of her body and soul. They tell her that she is the last in an ancient and very important bloodline. She is compelled to agree. They forge a mask out of sand and clay and fire it with their scolding breath. While she wears the mask she becomes a half demon with immense power and shares control over her body with the others. When the mask is removed she becomes human again and the demons stalk her and cause havoc against those close to her.

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