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Rise and Shine by priteeboy (print image)


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Artist's Statement

The fifth in a series of similar-themed landscapes that I so far have submitted on every birthday since joining dA without fail :w00t: and sticking to the theme of a gradually changing day to night from one to the next each year, well I guess this is the first instance where I'll have to repeat the pattern, starting with a sunrise theme all over again (well, some would interpret it as sunset, but it was intended to be rising ;p) it makes me feel older in some ways, but I guess the fact that after each day there's another is somewhat optimistic, and I always want these ones to have a nice mood about them :)

Similar methods applied to the others (except the first when I had no 3D) I made the landscape in Vue and the space area in Photoshop...The Vue landscape got more painting over than usual, especially on the sea to get "proper" waves. I'd say it took around 20 hours or so - my standard time for any fully-fledged print-worthy work :phew:

And here's past versions for those wnating more :eager:

All artwork in my gallery is made and copyrighted by me, please do not use, redistribute or modify my submissions

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