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Supreme Sacrifice by IosifChezan (print image)


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Artist's Statement

[download for full view .... and here is the detailed one - Supreme Sacrifice - details by IosifChezan ]
Ordeals are passed… Terrors are conquered… Nightmares are fading… And a last truth is to be revealed, a last choice to be taken…

Where the proud and grotesque veils of human egoist nature are blending with thin waves of celestial mind, born of blood, raised in flesh, cursed to decay but stubborn to fade away, …there, he has to choose: to be Messiah or Devourer… to be a majestic Creator of his own Heaven with daring unstoppable mind,… or just another infesting Seed Bearer of a blind egoist “mother nature”, raw, unfinished, like a shapeless rock hiding ignorantly an unborn statue of one Michalengelo.

I will reveal later more meaning of this climax painting, when my humble literary project will accompany my collection of related images into a special blending of words and images :)

I will add only description of few S Y M B O L S : -----------------

-The Blue Sphere – symbolizing the very soul of hero, cut open from the bleeding heart place.

-The Bleeding and the Red – blood will remind of human life, nature and origin.

- Black Wings/White wings- black wings are open, sign of death and funerary/sacrificial act. White celestial wings of life are kept inactive.

- Armor/Halo/Veils – symbols of Majesty, of Omnipotence, of a Conqueror in his own world

- The Sword – the Reaper of Beings and the Collector of all things those were (from little passed livings to passed galaxies and dead stars). In its abyss echo the Nightmares of Regret, The Pain of Impotence, the Agony of Irreparable… This was a “death gift” in the last challenge, tempting to a dilemma… which I will let you find out later.

- “SHE“ – who could be “SHE”?... hmmm, let her lips close to your ear, and hear the whisper:
"Im here, my love…me, the Harmony of your mind, un-faded echo long past after the strings of violin gone tired in their too short song… I, the alive mirror of everlastingness of your imagination… Yesss, the searing Will to be more, vibrating till the strings of un-being overwhelms in their hurting, and springs back thrilling mourning songs… I, the Eternity you have long before born in a too short blink of eyes in the skin of man, in a too tight living for you to unfold, but quite enough to give birth to me, your beloved… And what beloved loving more then a Concubine Mind, eternal, beautiful, wise, creative… who knows to give and to receive without sloth, without getting bored, without requesting blood, without decaying,… Because the deepest kind of love lies in SHARING, in the joy and agony of sharing life,… in the innocent lust of discovery, in the wonder of becoming and in the forge of creation…”