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August fields by PawelMatys (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Few days ago I tried to take some sunset shots, the weather was nice, only some small clouds on the sky so I took my bike and rode it outside the town. When I were about 20km from home the clouds started to gather... I knew it was time for me to start coming back but I wanted to take at least some pictures even though the sun wasn't setting down yet. After few minutes of shooting I realized how dangerous it may end for me when I saw a wall of rain along with some lightnings from time to time on the horizon heading my way. I just packed my camera and started to push the pedals as strong as I could on my hardly suitable for use bike where everything just crackle all the time :D When I were about 3km from my house the only thing I could see on my left was a big orange wall of water coming down. Beautiful view but at the same time scary as hell. I already knew that I would never managed to get home before the "storm" hits me... After exactly few seconds I felt like someone poured a bath of water on me. About 100m from me I saw a bridge but before I got there I were all wet. I have never seen that much water coming down from the sky. After all that rain, which lasted only for few minutes, I were very wet and exhausted, looking at the beautiful rainbow in front of me and thinking of the cold beer waiting for me in the fridge... ;)

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It's always much appreciated! :love:

Copyright © Pawel Matys
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