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Artist's Statement

Barbed Wire. Bondage. Two things that speak volumes for S&M, though still incomplete without the human element. Something that in all reality, probably should NOT be done. Some of the images in this set are staged for dramatic effect. Some of them are completely real, without posing or prompting. Elements so often missing from fetish imagery. In this series one can follow the progression, emotion, chemistry. The last frame is a shot of opportunity, not planned or posed. Real.

This is not intended as "fine art", more an exploration of deeper, darker sexual desires of the mind. It is intended to invoke emotion.

General Disclaimer: This is REAL Barbed Wire. The points have not been clipped or dulled. The image has not been tampered with or digitally manipulated. The pokes and scratches, all 100% REAL. Even with extreme safety precautions, it is very easy to get hurt. Please do NOT try this at home!