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I don't come from... a forest by AquaSixio (print image)


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Artist's Statement

First drawing : I don't come from... a city by AquaSixio I don't come from a city 1/6
Second drawing : I don't come from...a jungle by AquaSixio I don't come from a jungle 2/6
Third drawing : I don't come from the ocean I don't come from.. an ocean by AquaSixio 3/6

The forth part :

I don't come from a forest

The goat was born on a Canadian meadow,
Green and fresh like an emerald sea,
A land adorned with maple rubies,
Perfect, quiet and enchanted forests,
Boring and foreseeable jade paradise,
He left to understand what is life.

" This is a place where you will find peace,
Just stretch yourself out and feel the sun,
Rocked by the the chilly northern wind,
Trees offer us food, shelter and rest,
You will easily take root on this earth,
and write the last chapter of your quest. "

For the first time Marlon was wondering,
what if the goat was right ? the end of the trip...
It seems to be the place he was looking for,
But this quest... he decided to lie to them :
" Thank you, but I don't come from a forest, let's go... "
As soon as Marlon has finished his sentence,
The three birds were proposing a new place...

Time: 22 hours
Software: Photoshop cs2
Character: Marlon LostRoot

PS : Thanks for :icongoatz: for his translation help and her dear goat =)

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