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Little Felicia 2012 by Thiefoworld (print image)


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Artist's Statement

For those new in the game; I have this tradition of remaking the very first drawing I ever submitted to DA back in 2005: Little Felicia.
Little Felicia by Thiefoworld

I do it every June 30th, the day I joined DA, so this is the 2012 version.

This is probably the one that most deviates from all the others so far. I'm always saying I should be trying new stuff, new styles, new way to use colors and shapes, etc. Once in a while I dare to experiment but most of times it never passes the initial stages, getting outside your area of comfort is hard! Like with every experiment I make, I'm still not sure about this one and I don't know if is either because is different from what I usually do or it simply sucks :P But I'll let you decide.

Even so I kinda liked how this one turned out. I tried a more storybook-like style and of course the colouring is a lot more simple than in previous versions, I could get used to this :B

Some other versions from previous years:
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The complete comparision of all of them:
Little Felicia Evolution by Thiefoworld

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