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Friendship by VisAnastasis (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Little cheer up gift for my friend! :iconmirachravaia:

Her OC Svarik ( right down, human) and my OC Liron ( elf), simply demanded one little prove of my adoration and devotion to their characters and friendship, and here it is... :blushes:

Generally, I'm really happy with my progress as an artist, but as characters, I had real war with their hairs color.. They just keep changing with every new art of them I make :XD:

What can I say; this was one of those artworks that simply don't let the artist draw anything else, and at the end of ends, paint itself for just two-three days with making you work from dawn to sunset, when inspiration for doing it finally comes :D

I hope now I can focus on other things, when lot pressure is of me and when I sated my creativity with this for a while... I have good news, school is officially over, and I have all As!!! And I finally can breathe normally! :la:

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