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The Mysterious Pepperdoc Falls by tymime

The Mysterious Pepperdoc Falls by tymime (print image)


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Artist's Statement

So here this otter archer has ventured into the mysterious Pepperdoc Caverns, filled with bright, massive, multicoloured sugar crystals and strange glittering fruits. It is also the home of the Pepperdoc Falls, the only source of a mysterious fluid that when ingested, cures all psychological ills and tastes great to boot.
The otter has discovered the spring pouring from above, and pauses in awe, having never seen the liquid in such pure form. He lets it splash over his paws, getting a tingling sensation, and doesn't seem to mind that he's getting all sticky.

For the most part, I invented everything out of my head, but I did do a search for Finnish folk art to inspire the design on his quiver, just to be different. Everyone loves riffing off the usual countries, but I can't think of any non-Finnish artists that have done Finnish-inspired art.
I also took some footage of Dr. Pepper being poured into a glass in the afternoon sun, so we could see just what colors from darkest to lightest it should be. I must say it has a nice golden glow to it. (So yes, it is soda.)

Other notes:
I wish I could have gotten a bottle of Dublin Dr. Pepper, but I couldn't.
Nobody outside the company knows what Dr. Pepper is flavored with, but I'm pretty sure there's prunes in there (its flavor reminds me of them a bit). Hence the "sugar plums". They're not really plums, though- more like "Dr. Pepper Fruit".
The otter's "mail" is made of fish scale.
Not pictured is his crossbow. Crossbows are awsm.



As usual, this is colored with crayons. I made a considerable effort to get the falling liquid just right, and recreate Dr. Pepper's unique color. To the unobservant, it looks like just a plain old brown, but no- if you look real closely, it has a real complex series of colors, like browns, reds, golds, oranges, and even a little bit of violet.
So I had to get the color as closely as possible, or else, I thought, there wouldn't be any point in it being Dr. Pepper- especially considering there's so much of the liquid, and it's given a slightly supernatural quality.

I also made a point of giving the sugar crystals' color some ambiguity- the idea was to suggest that they had something to do with the forming of the substance. And then every object in front of them had to reflect off of them, enhancing the glowing aura of the falls.
And finally, I used an Exacto-knife to scratch in all the bubbles, as well as restore some of the highlights I had lost.

If this isn't crazy enough, I don't know what is.

~Fatal hilarity

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