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Fire Of Fall by kkart (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Photo thoughts--- There is a place where I go in which I just feel at home. It is hard to describe but if any of you have ever felt it before then you know what I am talking about. It is where your spirit feels at home, where everything just feels right, it is that sense of belonging that no other place has and that sense of longing for it when you aren't there. It is hard to put into words unless you have ever felt it and for me, that place is Estes Park, Colorado. This is the place where my heart, soul and creative mind call home.

Photographed on a cool Autumn morning of our photo meetup last year on the shores of Lake Estes, the sky simply turned to fire. I used 2 ND8s, a CPL and a Grad ND to slow the shutter down to almost 14 seconds and in doing so it intensified the light & color. I love the reflection going on here of the sky and clouds in the water. Know what else? I just processed this image this morning, ya I am quite backlogged you can say lol

I hope you all like it!

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