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God of Fire - Fox Fire by Ashwings (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Wallpaper version ---->…

Tutorial can be found here --->…

Meet my version of "the god of fire' Ooooo how hokey!
This is a character I have had for years, well, because he's from my story for one...and two...I just like orange...
The twine and swirly on his body were heavily influenced by old Australian and native paintings...because well...I don't feel like explaining.
Anyhows! There is a bunch of symbolism in this! Well not a lot, but you get the idea at least...he's basically "bound and bleeding for the tradition to keep the light alive." roughly yeah...

The crazy swirly glow things...move and glow like fire...
Done in Open canvas and coloured in Photoshop7

This picture is no way connected to the web-browser Fire Fox, its not for Fire Fox, I did not get inspired by it, and it doesn't look like anything like it.

Thank you for all of those who had commented and faved this piece! Faves are always welcome, and if you have questions or comments note me ;)

For you who appreciate this piece I have now made LARGER prints for people to purchase and enjoy! THESE WATERMARKS WILL NOT BE ON THE PRINT IMAGE.

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