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Self Portrait by Himmapaan (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Self Portrait. A new reworking of a very old idea of mine.

Pen and sepia ink, Chinese ink stick, tea and watercolours on hot pressed Arches 300gms/140 Lb.
180 x 260mm.


A closer look reveals that the 'labels' don't actually make sense as real labels, of course, but are words which might be pertinent descriptions somehow (provided you can actually read them - they're intentionally made to be difficult to do so)... Yes, I mixed adjectives and nouns in those - they were chiefly what arose on the instant in my mind as I did them.

I don't know why there seems to be a filmy blur. :hmm: Perhaps I need to clean my scanner glass... :confused:

Thank you in advance. :thanks:

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