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The Return by Horus-Goddess (print image)


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Artist's Statement


:drool: Look at that sexy piece of man meat, ladies (and in some cases, men lol)!!

Just kidding, just kidding. XD

I think I'm feeling better lately for some weird reason... I woke up this morning, and played a level on the Tomb Raider Level Editor using my Masurao: City Outfit skin. And just felt like drawing. o___o I think what honestly made me pick the second version of red Masurao over the first, was playing around with both versions on the TRLE lol. x3 I just like the darker appeal of the second one more. I am changing a little bit with it, but overall still ultimately the same. Instead of the dark dark purple, his stripes and hair will be true black. I might lighten the red or something to make it easier on the eyes...

Anyway. As for the pic itself... Don't ask about the katana, he doesn't actually use a sword regularly. It isn't in his character. xD It was originally going to be like, an M16 or something but I didn't have enough room on the page for it. So it became a sword.

Okay, so I'll answer the impending question. Why all this talk about the earlier, red Masurao? Well basically, I'm bringing him back. But I'm not getting rid of the tan, Egyptian Masurao either. I'm still working the scenario in my head but, red Masurao is present day/future Masurao, and tan Mas is the ancient Masurao. Ancestors, sort of, in a way Egyptian Mas is part of future Mas. Hence the similarity in bone structure (meaning facial and body type). Not only species. Before during ancient Masurao's time, races of Swyft Claw stayed within eachother and didn't mix with other ethnicities until later into the future (much like our world), thus resulting in the interesting red Masurao, whom has the uncommon stripe style, especially in facial and back markings.

So basically that's what I have on that. I'm still working it through though. It still reminds me unfortunately, of Yu-Gi-Oh. I loved Yu-Gi-Oh (the anime) back when, especially the hot characters. XDDD And of course the fact it was Egyptian themed in some ways. But I assure you I don't like Yu-Gi-Oh enough to copy it, not like it's that original of a storyline anyway right? Anyway. Masurao's story involves connections with an ancient ancestor of a powerful royal bloodline, but it's not like Yu-Gi-Oh. Besides, Masurao doesn't wear a huge upside-down pyramid containing the soul of an ancient Pharaoh (I think that's what it was if I'm remembering correctly). He does always wear or keep an Ankh pendant with him. Not necessarily worn like a necklace. And not always visible... but no matter what he always has it.

Anyway enough of my ramblings. Whoo! I drew something I like for once! I must shake this freakin art block. I'm tired of being emo over it. xD

Will be colored at some point.

time: 2 hours?
completed: October 3rd, 2006
music: Hyde: 666
medium: #2 .05mm lead mechanical pencil for sketch. 01 Sakura Micron, Fine and Superfine nib Faber Castell inking pens for lineart. Done on Heavy Cardstock with smooth finish.

Masurao, Swyft Claw species, Souls Destined, and artwork copyright 2006 Marie Whatley (Horus-Goddess)

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