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Pay It Forward 22 Video speed paint by NitelyHallow (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Youtube Speed Paint of this drawing is here :…

(make sure you change the resolution of the video to 720p'll be able to see the detail better!)

This 22nd gift is for :iconsassawj: who has taken awesome photographs of her dogs, one of which is a Cairn Terrier, named Watson.

The photo I used as reference is here:…

Take a look at the other wonderful photographs in her gallery :)…

Personal thoughts:

I'm having major issues with my screen color, it goes from dark to light every other time I turn on the computer. I'm hoping the picture isn't too dark..if it is...sorry, need a new comp :D

Took about 14 hours of work, I struggled with texture in the sweater and also the fur o.o...need to improvement on proportions too xD...hmm. Even with the mistakes, it still somehow looks better than what I originally thought the end product would look like haha.

Paying It Forward: Even though I have no idea who you are...I'm doing this gift for you...hoping one day you'll do the same for another

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