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Whisper of the Dawn by Chibionpu (print image)


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Artist's Statement

I\'m submitting this image for The Bloom of the New Day contest… the :iconthewhimsycorner: is holding :dance:

I am usually shy to apply to contests, but the theme of my painting was morning, and I accidentally saw the contest update right as I started making it, and realized the deadline is just when I\'d be done XD So I figured there\'s nothing to lose in submitting it :D!

I really tried hard for this one <3 I spent two whole days painting it XD I learned how to make daisies :heart: finally! And figured out how to do different types of clouds all on my own XD yaay

I also did something a bit unusual here, something you can only do with paintings XD I focused in the foreground, then burred out the part in the middle, to focus again the background! With photography you have to decide which of these will be sharpened XD and in this case it\'s two of them :D! I\'m happy how that turned out :3

Also the magical part of it is that we have a tiny fairy waking up in the daisy, early in the morning, already determined to make the day beautiful :heart:

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