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Living with Leviathan by priteeboy (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Leviathan, a colossal gas giant planet named after a massive mythical sea-beast due to it's Jupiter-esque size and mostly blue colouring with turbulent storms reminiscent of of waves and whirlpools in a troubled sea; Is seen here with four of its moons which are oh-so conveniently visible within the frame ;) Of course, such a large planet is bound to have a dozen more moons elsewhere, but they would be out of view, or on the other side of the planet, which is a distance too far to be able to see the little moons, the ones here would all be in front of the main planet. It is well-lit by unusually bright surroundings, a main blue star that they orbit around is the main light source, but a close range nebula and it's many stars still fill in the background with an eerie blue light.

OK, I did this almost as an apology for not making any space-scenery in ages :lol: I've been wrapped in contest entries over the past couple of months and all my art-time was spent on those, none of which have anything to do with space. But now I can go free-range again and just draw what I want :dance:

Technical Details:
The Gas-gaint planet (for those who don't know, is the massive one with the striped cloud formations) was a must-have, seeing how so few include them in space-art, it's texture alone took me around 4 hours or so, before finally being applied to a 3D sphere and rendered. It took ages since I didn't want to simply manipulate a picture of Jupiter :p and I prefer making Gas giants in 3D rather than Photoshop because you have the option of "tilting" it to get a more natural result and make one of the polar regions visible. Nebula was fractal-based but also had a lot of manual brushing too, that was probably the most time-consuming part. Enjoy!

Artwork made and copyrighted by me, please do not use, edit or redistribute any part of it without permission

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