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Sinking Satellite by priteeboy (print image)


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Artist's Statement

The nearest and smallest Moon of a large Earth-like world has been inching ever closer each year, disaster is inevitable. Probably struck by a comet and knocked out of orbit, or maybe interfered with by two larger Moons nearby are likely reasons for such an even to happen...

On approach, anyone or anything viewing from the ground notices a growing disk blocking out the Sunlight, darkening skies, and magnetically-influenced aurora's and lightning appearing in the most unlikely areas, their flash of colour illuminating just what exactly is about to come crashing down. The ground shakes due to gravitational stress acted upon it, and storm cells in the atmosphere go haywire as they move above turbulent seas, their world will end before the main event even happens...the impact!

Well heres my successful entry to :iconterraspace:'s first artpack they have made ever since I was finally good enough to stand a chance lol. Please note I WONT be taking critique on this one, I got all the advice I needed from the pro's there and ended up re-working this one about 5 times, I will submit a progression-deviation soon as proof of the main stages I went through.

Can you beleive that the "base" render for the storm clouds in the blue planet about to be hit was done in Vue? yep...clever use of terrains right there, thats all I will say ;) ...who needs Terragen 2 for dramatic orbital renders?

Wallpapers of this and some other cool space-themed art can be found at TerraSpace's Moons pack...I won't be putting WP's here, but print is available.

Copyrighted artwork. Wallpapers from TerraSpace are intended for personal desktop use only. No images from there or my gallery are to be used or reproduced in any way without permission from the artists

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