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ad infinitum by priteeboy (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Ad Infinitum = without limit, forever, or any similar meaning to this fancy phrase that's appropriate for my third annual new-year's deviation, a sparkly and celebratory space scene of course to end one rich, eventful year and promise the same for the next, just as I have done at the turn of the new year with previous pieces such as Lightyear and Shoot for the Stars – and just look at how far I have come since those :bow:

I've been itching to make another space scene for a while, since the last actual outer-space artwork I made was over 2 months ago. This one is 99.9% pure Photoshop work, wondering what the 0.01% is? It's those tiny little peaks on the closest planet at the bottom that seem to be catching the last afternoon light, those were done in Vue 6. The planets were made in the conventional way - using satellite images to form the basis of their surfaces. The nebula that fills the entire scene is completely brushed from scratch, with some manipulation of some cloud photo's I took to form those dark, feathery dust clouds obscuring some areas of it :)

Happy new year everbody!. Please only view my art and not use in in any manner, thankyou!

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