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Final Destination by priteeboy (print image)


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Artist's Statement

My only peice for The Luminarium's 6th exhibit originally given the theme "illuminate" but was really more of a freestyle thing. I would loved to have made more but was busy during most of that time, and had no idea the closing date would be delayed by a few weeks either :shakefist: but it's up now, view this and a collection of other richly diverse artworks over there under the "exhibits" button. Remember that all artworks remain the copyrighted property of their creators ;)

I sought inspiration from my favourite game - Super Smash Bros Brawl for this idea, anyone who has played it would surely be familiar with the ever-changing space scenery on the "Final Destination" stage and choosing just one of the backgrounds was hard (since that golden sea part is cool too 8-)) But I figured this one would look best if illustrated and frozen in time as a dramatic still work :)

I started with two basic Vue scenes, rendered above a dense layer of clouds. But realistic as they were - they were rather boring so a lot of Digital painting was involved and I don't think there's much un-painted render left :lol: but it certainly looked better indeed 8-)

All images in my gallery are copyrighted artworks and not to be re-submitted on any site, edited or not without permission by me

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