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Rainforest Residence by priteeboy (print image)


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Artist's Statement

An unplanned creation, I was applying for a Vue environment artist position and had to create an original Vue scene of my choice to show them what I could do (don't ask as I don't know the results yet) The raw render without postwork was just the rainforest on its own as it had to be a realistic Earth environment you could potentially see here today :earth:. But for myself - I thought that would be quite boring so I modelled some futuristic buildings (hotels perhaps? I'll leave their purpose up to the viewer) and rendered them seperatly and imposed them in here as well as various other touch ups...much like matte painting without needing any stock photo's :D

I guess this is a more positive future view, one where humans can still have their modern day priveledges and high standards of living whilist coinciding with the local environment rather than paving over it. One can only hope :fingerscrossed:

My God the render time for this was long, it was rendered quite big but not too much more than my usual and it kept me waiting 51 hours! :crazy: so there's a snowman's chance in a hot humid jungle I'm going back to work more on this :disbelief: Made mostly in Vue 7 with some Cinema 4D and Photoshop influence :)

All artwork in my gallery remains my own copyrighted produce and is not to be used, sold or displayed by anyone without my permission

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